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Infinity Massage Therapy invites you to enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage at their location in Brighton city centre.

Specialising in sports massage, Masseur Harminder provides high-quality treatment, targeting any problem areas, getting you prepared for your next event or helping you to recover.

Their menu also offers an organic and vegan massage, friendly on your skin and also the planet.

Treat yourself today and experience the expertise at Infinity Massage Therapy.

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Massage is the ideal solution to muscle tension caused by knots or postural problems in the upper body



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Our Process

Initial consultation
Warming your muscles
Self-care plan

Your Massage Therapist

My name is Harminder and if you decide to visit me which I’m hoping you will then I shall be your massage therapist. I thought I’d use this section to write a little bit about myself and my journey in order for you to have a feel of who I am how Infinity Massage Therapy came into existence.


I’ve put a lot of time and effort into deciding what would be the right kind of business to create. Asking myself big questions such as: what do I enjoy? How would it be able to help others? After considering all of these factors, I eventually decided on a massage business as I’m a people person and engage well with those from all walks of life. Friends and family have said in the past that my massages were great, despite not having any formal training. I put it down to the fact that, from the ages of 5 to 16, I used to massage my dad regularly as in Indian culture this is common practice. My Auntie went as far as to once say that I had healing hands (if that is not worthy of a 5-star rating, I don’t know what is!).


The driving force for my passion for massage was to help people with a number of ailments such as anxiety, stress, soft tissue injuries and also those who suffer from debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia.


Once I had decided that this was what I wanted to pursue, I looked into getting a massage qualification and eventually chose the YMCA located in Brighton. They provided a level three course which cost £1800 over a three month period, part-time. This was perfect as it allowed me to still work full time whilst studying. The next few months were challenging as it was hard finding the ever elusive work/life balance. However, focused and invested into the journey of reaching my goal, I persevered and thankfully my hard work paid off.


I passed the course! Now, it was time to put what I had learned to practical use. I found myself a part time massage position and over the year I improved my craft until I felt I was ready to start the process of creating my own business. In September 2019, I did exactly that and created Infinity Massage Therapy, situated in a fantastic location in the heart of Brighton.


The business is currently part time but in a few short months, I’ve created a brand from scratch. This consisted of sourcing a location, creating a website, professional photoshoot, flyers, partnering with a marketing platform and working with local bloggers to help spread the word. This has all helped to create a loyal customer base which is growing from strength to strength.

Bespoke massages in Brighton

Massage therapy is a fantastic method of relieving tension and stress. Therapy can also be used to treat numerous different injuries, problems and diseases. It is an effective technique in dealing with chronic pain and stiffness. Massage therapy can help strengthen and stretch muscles and pulls on them or work at easing any tightness in the muscle tissue. The benefits of massage therapy are many and varied.

It can be used in treatment of many conditions, including the following:

– Fibromyalgia

– Sports injuries

– Circulatory problems

– Cancer treatments

– Stress

– Muscle stiffness/soreness/cramp


Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is designed to work on any of the following:

– Muscles and fascia

– Tendons and ligaments

– Joints and spine

– Range of motion around joint

– Scar tissue and adhesions

– Postural problems

Basically, deep tissue massage is a form of physical therapy that can be used to help with many different conditions. The masseuse will try and work the tissues by applying pressure through direct contact. The muscles that are worked on in this form of massage are usually either in spasm or injured. There are many benefits to getting a deep tissue massage. It is effective in treating chronic pain, it can relieve muscle soreness, improve range of motion in joints, reduce stress and tension, and can increase flexibility.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a type of therapeutic massage which is used to recover from injuries, reduce the risk of future injury, and promote performance. The treatment can be used as part of a rehabilitation programme for athletes who have suffered an injury as well as those who want to improve their performance. Sports massage works by loosening tight or stiff muscles and improving the flow of blood and oxygen in them. This helps with the removal of metabolic waste materials. It also reduces muscle spasms, cramps, and pain caused by nerve compression near joints.

The main focus of sports massage is on injury prevention and recovery towards achieving pre-injury condition. Less emphasis is put on increasing flexibility or combating chronic conditions like arthritis

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a type of therapeutic massage that can be combined with other treatments, such as a facial or a pedicure. It is designed to promote relaxation and de-stressing, reducing feelings of anxiety and insomnia. A therapist uses gentle stroking motions on the surface layers of the skin to release tension, stimulate circulation and break down scar tissue. This can help with general aches and pains, headaches, stiff shoulders, muscle tension and abdominal stiffness.

After your treatment

we send you on your way with a few instructions for how to care for yourself and keep the effects of the massage going.

Massages are not a quick fix. They provide an opportunity to improve your health over time, so there’s no need to feel self-conscious about what you do or don’t feel after the treatment.